Audio Mastering


  • 48 Hour turnaround.
  • New client? Receive a free preview and hear the difference.


  • EQ - To correct and enhance the content your mix.
  • Mid / Side - Tightens the mono centre and widens the stereo image.
  • Analogue - Adds warmth and richness.
  • Compression - Gives character and depth.
  • Limiting - Increases loudness and solidifies the mix.
  • Enhancements for Mp3 Conversions & Radio Streams.


These examples start with a major artist and alternate between an Ebony Red Mastered track of similar style every 5 seconds.

  • Our focus is Clarity, Energy & Depth.
  • In search of loudness, traditional mastering engineers can leave tracks flat and lifeless.
  • Only cutting edge methods can cope with the pressures of the modern music industry.


  • Optimum listening environment and fresh ears for your project.
  • Only the highest quality equipment and software is used.
  • Benefit from a cutting edge final sound to help you sell music and receive radio support.
  • The option of feedback on your mix to advance your abilities.


  • We can provide a fully compatible CD of your mastered tracks for Replication or Duplication from £20.
  • DDPs (Digital Image of you CD) are also available on request.
  • Embed your ISRC and UPC codes, Artist info and Artwork.


Poster Girl EP

Phlo Finister - Poster Girl EP - "Phlo is preparing to release a debut EP in the UK on Night Beach Records called Poster Girl on July 29, co-produced by Benny Cassette and Andrew Dawson, who is best known for his work with Kanye West, Nas, Jay-Z and, most recently, with the Pet Shop Boys on their shimmering 2012 record, Elysium." via - MUMUUSE.

iTunes | TheGuardian

Salt Ashes Somebody

Salt Ashes - Somebody - "Viega Sanchez is already a pretty great popstar name but 22-year-old Sanchez has chosen to call herself Salt Ashes instead, which is still pretty badass really. Her debut single, 'Somebody', felt like something created by a Giorgio Moroder from a much darker, more brooding universe with a dash of Kylie Minogue esque vocals and was a very, very strong introduction." via - The 405.

iTunes | TheGuardian

Lost Boy EP

Drahmah - Lost Boy EP - "The MTV Brand New for 2012 nominee has been busy in the studio for the last year readying a project that both fans and critics knew he was capable of, and in Lost Boy Drahmah has ensured that his potential is very much fulfilled. Executive-produced by Slic Vic, who has worked with the likes of Tinie Tempah and Loick Essien, the EP sees Drahmah display all the attributes necessary to belong alongside such UK stars."via - Press Party.



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Drahmah - "I was so impressed with the quality of the mastering as well as the prices. As an independent artist I'm always trying to find the best quality at a small budget and Ebony Red were able to provide me with the balance. My work came out better than I expected and even so amazing at my first headline gig at the famous Jazz Cafe. So efficient at getting my music back to me as well and will recommend the service to anybody in the future. I personally will definitely be working with Ebony Red again."

The Rhetoriks - John completed mix and mastering work on our first commercial release and must say what a pleasure to work with. He fully understood our needs with the materials we provided him with and is a great communicator whether by Telephone or E-mail. Professional step by step help as if your sitting in the same studio room as him. Clean sounding final results that is money well spent."

DaPaul - "Ebony Red Audio Mastering is an excellent service, which is affordable and professional. I was working to a tight deadline in completing my album and John efficiently mastered my tracks and also gave me invaluable advice on the mastering process. Thanks John the album sounds great!!!"

Marcus Gilvear - "At the outset of my project with Ebony Red, John's knowledge of mastering was very reassuring and he gave me valuable advice regarding the EQ of tracks for submission. My tracks were then returned promptly and I was thrilled to hear the difference that professional mastering makes. 5* service!"

Jax Zero - "The track I received back had heavier bass, clearer sound and was louder than my master. It got everything it needed. John sure knows how to use his tools."

Greg Churchill - "I've been most impressed with John's work on all the tracks I've played out recently. They're all loud, tight and with enough shine and body to fully cut through the mix and most importantly create dance floor explosions!"

Fantastic Boyz - "Time and time again John provides cutting edge professional mastering. A really fast service and great communication for a great price. Its always a pleasure. Highly recommended."

Rich Smith - "The mastering service carried out was excellent. The completed master was clear, strong and well balanced. Fantastic end result and prompt and professional service."